Dale Okuno

Chief Executive Officer

Dale Okuno is a Los Angeles based technology investor since 2009 with a portfolio of investments in over 40 companies.

Prior to angel investing, Dale was CEO and founder of E-Z Data, Inc., a SaaS based software company focused on CRM/practice management solutions for insurance agents and brokers, investment advisors, and large financial institutions. He serves on a number of for-profit boards and is a board member of the Alliance for College Ready High Schools (his primary charity), a Los Angeles based charter school organization running 18 high schools and 8 middle schools.


Michael Holdmann

Chief Marketing Officer

Michael joined Coversant in 2013. He is responsible for Strategy, Product and Marketing. Michael has been involved in Telecom/Internet since the early 1980's, when he started an interconnect telephone company in Las Vegas, NV. After a successful industry change to advertising in late 1980's to mid-1990’, he found his way back into tech creating an internet division for a wireless cable (MMDS) operator in Reno, NV. In 1998 Michael was founder of one of the world’s first ASP’s (old term for Cloud) using network attached appliance with secure card log on with no storage at endpoints.

Michael worked on teams developing product and GTM for VPN, MPLS and converged communications at an RBOC in the early 2000's and led development and launch of GTM for US, APAC and LTAM for a German based eCommerce platform. Itching to get back into startups Michael founded a company which introduced a secure remote desktop environment and backend system using portablized applications technology as opposed to VM/VDI technology.

Along with his duties at Coversant, Michael sits on working groups and taskforces at the IEEE/ISO/IEC and UPnP Forum leading the international standardization of XMPP for both consumer and industrial/enterprise devices and systems for securing and transporting data over the internet.

He comes to Coversant with over 30 years of hands-on experience developing and directing product, strategy, alliance and business development at international organizations including ClickandBuy, SecConOne, Qwest, and Secure Computing Environments. Michael is a frequent speaker and panelist on IoT, Security and Privacy at conferences.


David Richards

Chief Technology Officer

Dave came on board in 2010 also as a former Coversant customer who led the evaluation and implementation of Coversant's technology. Dave is a software architect with over 20 years of experience in both government and commercial sectors. His undergraduate and graduate engineering degrees are from Massachusetts Institute of Technology.